Arriving in Portland

by thubten

The drive from Boise was not long at all, but I had miscalculated the distance by about 200 miles, which is a very long way when your vehicle is getting only 8mpg.

Before we left Denver, eastern Oregon was described to us as “a moonscape” by friends. It is not. It reminded me of some parts of northern Nevada. There’s not a whole lot of greenery there, but it has its own charm.

There were references everywhere to The Oregon Trail and all of the hardships that were overcome to get over the mountains. I’m not familiar with the history behind Oregon and how it was settled.

We stopped a few times on the way down the Columbia Gorge, but passed by Multnomah Falls because it was so packed. There was nowhere to park the big truck, and we wanted to get in to Portland as quickly as possible.

We came into Portland on I-84, having stayed on that highway since we were in Utah. We crossed over the the river and into downtown and drove around some, taking it all in. We then made our way to a Starbucks to grab some WiFi and find a place to stay. ¬†We found another Motel-6; this one was on SE Powell. That’s where we are now.

It’s an interesting neighborhood. It feels a little like a few areas of Denver, so it’s somewhat familiar. The boys are settled in, and tomorrow we’ll head out and explore!

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