Craigslist and Apartment Hunting in Portland

by thubten

Before we left Denver I did some checking on Craigslist for apartments and houses in and around Portland. There were lots of listings, but most of the ads that I replied to turned out to be identity theft scams. I became a bit gun shy and decided to wait until we got here to find a place. I started emailing through Craigslist as soon as we landed at the Motel-6, and today we found a place that looks good. It’s over off of Belmont near SE 23rd Avenue, apparently THE neighborhood to be in.  We’ll see about that.

For now, we’re happy to have found a place that takes dogs and is within walking distance of much of what we’ll want to walk to.  This is the only place we’ve looked at.  The only place we’ve applied for, and it looks like it will be perfect.

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