Discovering Rocking Frog

by thubten

Much of the “work” that I do revolves around my blogs. I use quotes around “work” because it really doesn’t occur to me like working. I use a Macintosh laptop to write about things that I enjoy. I am either at home, after waking when I feel like waking, or in a cafe somewhere, enjoying an espresso or an iced coffee. How can anyone call that working?

Part of why I love the neighborhood that we landed in is its walkability. Everything is within walking distance. I discovered a cafe today called The Rocking Frog Cafe. It’s on the corner of SE Belmont and 25th Avenue. The place is owned by Sam, who bakes some amazingly tasty pie and seems to have a PhD in coffee.

It feels a lot like Stella’s in Denver, a converted home, with book cases built in and books all around. I will bring the books that didn’t go to Powell’s to see if he’ll find a use for them. The wifi is free, and there’s an actual community PC that’s free to use, too.

One of the first things I asked Sam was whether or not he had a Twitter page for Rocking Frog. He did not, so I sat down and made him one on the spot: @RockingFrog. Every cafe in Portland should have one.

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avatar Aaron Yeagle September 1, 2009 at 9:13 am

Just discovered you via Twitter (thanks for following!) and thought I’d visit your blog. So … uh … here I am! Welcome to Portland, belatedly. I hope things have gone smoothly since!

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