It’s better to be safe than sorry, so here’s my FTC disclaimer.

I am enthusiastically involved in life, and enjoy participating in all kinds of activities and programs, and I love sharing about them with you. This much should be clear from my many blog posts and my updates to Twitter and Facebook.

As I am also a business person, I will sometimes enter a business relationship with companies, organizations, and individuals whose products or services I use, appreciate and believe in.

Although it is usually not the case, just so that we all are covered for anything and everything I post or update about, please assume that I am an affiliate of the company whose product I am recommending, and somehow benefit financially from your purchase of their product or service.

I only recommend products and services I use, appreciate and believe in, and I would never recommend a product just to receive a commission.

If you have any questions about my relationship with a company, organization or an individual I have blogged or updated about, please email me at ftc@thubten.info.

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