Getting a Library Card

by thubten

Belmont Branch Library

Belmont Branch Library

My library card was so useful to me when I was in Denver, I thought it only made sense to get myself a card in Portland. Denver has an amazing library system, and I hope that Portland’s is equally good. Here’s a link to an interesting study about who has library cards and what they’re used for.

The closest library branch is at SE 39th and Belmont, just a one mile walk. I’ve already begun walking there early in the morning, like 5am, and taking the dogs with me. They love the long walk, as do I. The streets are not well lit at night, so it can get kind of creepy, especially with all of the spider webs cross the sidewalks.

The selection of books on the shelves at this branch is meager, so I imagine that I’ll use it as a place to pick up the books I reserve on the library’s web site.

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avatar Greg Giersch December 15, 2009 at 3:51 pm

The Multnomah and Washington County Library systems excellent, but you do need to access the reach of the on-line ordering system to find what you’re looking for. The Portland central branch is great just for the architecture.

avatar Jason January 5, 2010 at 2:17 pm

I would definitely consider going on line to browse your books. It’s like perusing! Plus they’ll ship to your local branch for pick up.

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