Getting to Know the Neighborhood

by thubten

The weather has cooled down a lot. When I was searching for air conditioned cafes, I got to know the neighborhood. The Belmont neighborhood is very very cool.  Belmont is the first neighborhood I heard about when I started looking at moving to Portland. Southeast (the southeast quadrant of Portland) was recommended, and Belmont is everything that makes Southeast so popular.

Belmont includes Sunnyside, pretty much the epicenter of all that’s hip in Belmont. I found a walkable Stumptown there, as well as Zupan’s (a locally-owned snooty Whole Foods). The Tao of Tea is there as well.  I’ll have to check out the Pillates studio, too!

There’s a lot of 20-somethings around there, some tragically hip. I saw two guys who looked like they had just teleported from the 1970s Haight district of San Francisco, or they were extras from a That 70s Show Reunion Special.

All in all, I love my neighborhood.  @RockingFrog Cafe is closer to home, and I love hanging out there.

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