Google Voice – Skype – VoIP “Solutions”

by thubten

As someone who gripes as little as possible, I have finally come to the end of my rope.

No matter what anyone “in the business” says, VoIP sucks. Using Skype for business phone calls sucks. Google Voice sucks. It is all unreliable, intermittent and the sound quality just plain sucks. There, I said it.

I will have to get a “land line” and DSL to augment my Comcast internet “service,” so that I can have reliable phones.

After asking a brilliant friend what his solution would be, I’m going to implement it, at roughly 5x the cost of a regular phone line. Having 100% uptime is critical to any business, and I’m in business, so I need phones that work when people call.

Enough complaining from me. My brilliant friend is available for problem solving and consulting. Send me a comment on this post, and I’ll reply with his email address.

It’s time to get out in this gorgeous Portland weather!

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