I Heart Portland!!!

by thubten

Portland’s “close-in” neighborhoods were not designed for trucks to get around easily, maybe to keep the riffraff from moving in with their big yellow rental trucks. While navigating the streets around where we want to live, I’ve had a rough time getting through the traffic circles and large (often overgrown) trees without taking out a bunch of cars every time I make a turn. It’s certainly been a challenge and I’ll be very happy when we have a place to empty this truck into.

After a 1200 mile drive, the stuff in the truck has settled a bit. We’ve already lost several lamps. A few other items were damaged, too. None of the plants made it. It looks like just about everything else is in good shape.

The room is a typical Motel-6 room. The manager is very nice. There’s a pool to relax by, and we’re in Southeast Portland, apparently the hippest of the four quadrants. There’s a strip joint next door to the motel, a micro-brewery next to that, and an ACME Donuts across the street. The other direction has the Papa John’s and the Plaid Pantry (“The Plaid”). This could be fun!

I definitely heart Portland.

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avatar kellie August 15, 2009 at 9:29 am

I’m enjoying your new blog and following your story. I heart Portland. Welcome to pdx!

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