I Pans, You Pans, Raw Plans for Zupan’s?

by thubten

Several times in the past weeks I’ve had the pleasure of touring the produce department of the Zupan’s store on the corner of West Burnside and 23rd in Portland.

The Zupan’s stores seem to pride themselves on opulent sensory overloaded experience. I’m reminded of Gelson’s Market in Pacific Palisades, California. Lots of beautiful food stacked on very tall shelves.

In a store with such an abundance of amazing food and experiences, I was more than a little miffed today when I found NO raw foods section. How can such a high end brand be so behind the times?

When I asked the very friendly grocery clerk about the raw food section, she grimaced and said, “We don’t have one of those, yet,” and that I should try New Seasons or Whole Foods. The thing is, I’m on foot/transit, and I’m not going to trek across town for lunch.

The old standby for a raw foodist is the produce section, which she recommended. I made my way over there and found a pint of very yummy ripe figs and a creamy ripe haas avocado. A perfect lunch for me today.

In addition to getting into the raw food groove, it looks like Zupan’s could use some serious social media expertise on their marketing team. Such a great store should be known and loved by all!

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