Mike Dooley of Notes from the Universe

by thubten

I spend a great deal of time with Dr. Todd Michael, assisting him with his myriad projects, and appreciate all that he is doing in the world. He is a deep and old soul, and I am honored to have the opportunity to be of service to him and his mission.

Helping Dr. Todd spread the word about his books through this web site has been an ongoing labor of love. It’s wonderful to see that someone with Mike Dooley’s credentials has taken notice.

It appears that Mike Dooley of “Notes from the Universe” fame and co-star of The Secret has taken a liking to The Evolution Angel.

I have been a fan of Mike for years and years and explained to Dr. Todd just how amazing this acknowledgement is:

I just read a book that I am in no way connected with (nor do I know the author), which absolutely tripped me out and got me thinking some wild new thoughts!! It talks about the afterlife, reviews why we’re here and how we may choose to pass, dishes cool stuff on “God,” explains wealth and money, and has amazing insights on soul mates, being alone, other worlds, religion, even a particularly famous prophet (in an unconventional light), and more. I cannot recommend this short paperback highly enough!!!!! ~ Mike Dooley

In my years of teaching the Law of Karma from the Tibetan Buddhist, as well as the more contemporary Law of Attraction perspective, I have not found a more useful phrase to explain how it all works than Mike Dooley’s, “Thoughts Become Things.”

Mike, we are so glad that you found Dr. Todd’s book to be so valuable. We are grateful beyond words for your heartfelt endorsement.

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