Moving Day

by thubten

Today was moving day, and we did indeed get the apartment filled with everything but the TV and the sofa. We left those, and the washer & dryer in the storage unit to be sold on Craigslist. The heat relented today, which was a blessing. With each subsequent move, we have less and less stuff. Squeezing into this 500sf apartment won’t be easy, but we’ll make it work.

We got the sofa to the top of the stairs and weren’t able to make the 180 degree turn to get it into the living room. We didn’t even try to take the TV up the stairs. The biggest deal was figuring out where all of the large thangka paintings would go, and where we’d set up the Buddhist shrine. ¬†As boxes came up, we put them where we thought they’d go. This will be the easiest unpacking job we’ve done in a long time.

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