Selling the Library

by thubten

The day finally came to let go of the library, today. To pay for the motel room and to have money left over to move in with, letting go of the library became essential. It was something I had anticipated, but was not really prepared for.

I had collected these books over the previous twenty-five years. One was a signed edition of Tom Hayden’s American Future from when he ran for California State Assembly in 1982. This was a history of my life, this collection.

We had to turn in the truck today, so this morning we went out to the Powell’s warehouse store to let it all go. All of my Buddhism books went, surely to find good homes, or at least that’s what I told myself.  A library I surely paid more than $5000 to amass netted about $1000, which will come in handy. I won’t be schlepping those books around any longer. It feels good to not have so much to take care of.

I kept my raw food books, as I will be easing back into that world once things settled down. We’ve got the one book case in the living room, and that’s where all the books live now.

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