The Neighbors

by thubten

We have lots of very interesting neighbors. The building is one of the only apartment buildings in the area that accepts dogs, so everyone has at least one dog. Several have cats, too. The residents’ ages range from late 20s to late 60s, with more on the younger end of the spectrum.

There’s a house next door that our living room window looks out on. We can see into their back yard. Their kids are often playing out there, making lots of kid noise. There’s another noise that we often hear, a noise that’s accompanied by a delicious smell, the smell of roasting coffee.

Apparently the couple in this house roast their own beans one batch at a time. The sound reminds me of a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer, but the smell is more like toast. Portland has some die hard coffee folks. That’s for sure, but these are the first I’ve found who roast their own coffee. Too cool!

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