Upgrading My Blogs

by thubten

Recently, I’ve been paying a great deal of attention to introducing my social media strategy services, primarily TwicheYourself.com. My blogs have suffered some, but I’ve been doing my best to keep things updated.

I recently discovered a WordPress theme called Thesis, which will change how I create and update my blogs. Thesis is more of a canvas than a theme, at least given how themes are usually used.

If you’re a blogger, or you want to add a blog to your web site (or even convert your current web site over to a WordPress blog), I especially recommend Thesis.

I will be repurposing thubten.info to focus on social media strategy. I have separated my personal posts and moving them over here to thubten.me, which is still being put together.

These are very exciting times. The economy is on its way back, and using social media to maximize on the opportunities that are surely coming our way makes a whole lot of sense.

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