Welcome to Boise!

by thubten

We left Denver bright and early this morning. We made it as far as Ft. Collins before we had to stop. We tried to have a vegetarian breakfast at McDonald’s, but the the special orders confused the staff, and after the third attempt and a total of an hour, we just ate what they gave us and got back on the road.

Our second stop was a few hours later in a small town in Wyoming where we went to a K-Mart.  The dogs’ leashes and collars had been packed somehow, so we had to buy new ones. This detour took another hour. Finally, after fourteen hours on the road, we made it to Boise.

We’re staying at a Motel-6 near the airport in Boise, Idaho.  Motel-6 allows dogs, so this is where we are. They’re the only place in town that I could find that caters to canine travelers.

Felix and Oscar did okay, but the drive is really unsettling for Felix. He seems to be shuddering all the time while we’re driving. Oscar stays mostly on the floor on the dog bed. Felix has to be right up front the whole time. Several times he sat up like a prairie dog and looked out the windshield.  It was adorable.

Long day today. Heading out early tomorrow so we can get to Portland in the afternoon. Woo hoo!

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